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Social Surge is a universally designed apparel brand that is rooted in the core belief that all people are more alike than different. 

Our founding team started with retail experience in extended sizing and thought: "Why stop here? Why not make fashion even more accessible?"

Thus launched the idea to create universal, inclusive styles that blend accessibility and fashion together in order to make getting dressed easier. We are a new voice that strives to be instrumental in promoting the acceptance of people of all body images and identities to empower the future of fashion. At at our core we strive to bring about social change by looking to our consumers’ needs to dictate our designs.

Through our process of universal design in which we analyze the challenges people with disabilities face on a daily basis and learn about their specific requirements in terms of fashion and functionality, we have created designs that enable people of all abilities to dress with confidence, dignity, self-reliance, and personal style. By creating clothes that cater to a wider range of abilities, we have created clothes that are more accessible for everyone.

The Upside Down ∀ is the symbol for the Universal Quantifier, a mathematical notation that means "For All"

This symbol also encompasses the identity of our brand because Social Surge's goal is to flip the fashion industry upside down!